So, where have I been and what happened?

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It’s been a couple years, but I’ll be doing a lot more with this blog (just like the good ‘ol days).

What happened?  Quite simply, life (with a little bit of cyber squatting on this domain).

I had a lot to do personally with family and such, so I was off for a few months to get that taken care of as my main priority.  Then, I didn’t realize the domain was up and some company bought the domain and put ads on it.  The original blog had a LOT of traffic and must have been an attractive purchase for them.  I tried to get the domain back.  There was A TON of paperwork to deal with at ICANN and I decided, I’ll let it lapse.

Eventually, it did.  Now, I have the domain back and I’ll be doing a lot more to it just like I used to.  Expect a post often on things I find online.  Various sites with good content, homebrew links and of course – tons of Youtube videos!  There’s just so much out there.

I’m back, and I plan to play a lot of radio and share the neat things I find.

Jonathan, KB1KIX

Promotional Film From The Sixties – Fairchild Briefing on Integrated Circuits

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As promotional videos go, this is rather interesting. Very detailed and an interesting look at the burgeoning technology of the sixties. Below is a quote from the video description on YouTube:

[Recorded: October, 1967]
This half hour color promotional/educational film on the integrated circuit was produced and sponsored by Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation and first shown on television on October 11, 1967. In the film, Dr. Harry Sello and Dr. Jim Angell describe the integrated circuit (IC), discuss its design and development process, and offer examples of late 1960s uses of IC technology.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation was one of the most influential early high-tech companies. Founded in Palo Alto California in 1957 by eight scientists and engineers from Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation was funded by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation of Syossett, New York. Rapidly establishing itself as a technology innovator based on its invention of the planar manufacturing process in 1959, the company developed the first monolithic integrated circuit, the first CMOS device, and numerous other technical and business innovations. French oil field services company Schlumberger Limited purchased Fairchild in 1979 and sold a much weakened business to National Semiconductor in 1987. In 1997 National divested a group, formed as the present Fairchild Semiconductor, in a leveraged buy-out. The company re-emerged as a public entity based in South Portland, Maine in 1999 under the corporate name Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc.

Fairchild Semiconductor presented its new products and technologies with an entrepreneurial style, and its early manufacturing and marketing techniques helped give Californias Santa Clara County a new name: Silicon Valley. It was one of the early forerunners of what would become a worldwide high-tech industry, as evidenced in this short promotional film.

Pretty neat stuff, brought to you by The Computer History Museum.

Intro to multimeter use

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Collin over at Make: is at it again.  Here is a great little seven minute intro on how to use a multimeter.

If you’re an experienced ham, then you can indeed skip this one.  I like the basic videos that Make: is putting together to use when I teach hams.

If you don’t know it already, you can go to the Make: website and download the videos and share with your friends and students.  I started putting these videos on basic electronics on a DVD for students and they have REALLY learned quite a bit.

If you know of any other good videos, post below and share the knowledge!

New Category Added – Radio/Communications History

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Just a site update note for ya’ll……

I added a new category to the site today “Radio/Comm. History”.

I noticed that I tend to post some neat historical videos from time to time, and I have a passion for the history of the science of radio and technology.  So…… since those topics seem to get a lot of hits on the site, I decided to make it a category.

If you are interested in communications history, all you have to do is click the category and all posts that fit that genre will be served up for your reading pleasure.

I went through the entire sites posts for the past year and a half and added the appropriate posts to the category.



Not a repeat…. I swear…..

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I recently ran a “town hall” style, new ham forum/Q&A at the Newington, CT NARL hamfest.

I promised to update and add a little more content, so here it is.

If you look at the tab above, there is a new tab called “Info for New Hams”.

As always, if anyone has any constructive advice on the content, please drop me an email (kb1kix -a- and we can discuss.  If you run a ham class, and you think it’s handy, I can get you a PDF (or just add it to the site on request).



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