OMG, morse code (CW) isn’t dead yet? BBC Video

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OK, I’ll admit it.  I am fine with the FCC dropping morse code as a requirement.  I am on the board of a local club in Newington, CT.  I have access to airtime on the repeater to organize a net.  I am also actively involved in ARES (which eats up a lot of time, and I’m a single dad).  So, I didn’t have the time to do it myself as I already volunteer for several radio projects on a regular basis.

Flash forward……

I know several hams that are good friends of mine that were talking about “dumbing” down the hobby.  This, is ridiculous.  Roughly three dozen sounds to memorize isn’t “dumbing” down the hobby/service.  If you removed technical questions on modes, RF safety, electronic theory, then maybe you’re “dumbing” down the hobby.

Now, I asked several of them when they were talking about being bored as of late (not like I have that option with a workbench of radio toys!).  Not one of them volunteered to run a CW training net.  Yet all thought removing it was “dumbing” down the hobby.

So, that was enough to change my mind on the topic completely – good riddance if nobody wants to teach the subject.  I was in a QSO with an Aussie friend after they dropped their code and he told me that CW use was on the RISE!  Now, that got me thinking.  If a ham has a taste of HF, wants to work DX, he’s going to have to use CW either way, so….. it makes sense to me.

Needless to say, I took my General exam, and started learning CW.  I enjoy the mode.  There’s something about how astoundingly relaxing it is to sit back with a 1 watt transmitter you built and carry a conversation with someone a hundred miles a way (all with a 9 volt battery while sitting on the patio!).

Now, I really like CW and operate quite a bit.  If you are reading this and have worked me, thanx!  It is with patience of hams like yourself that I will improve my CW skills.  I’m still working on it though……

If you are reading this and haven’t yet given CW a try, go for it! It takes some time, a little patience, but is really rewarding. I make sure when I teach a class that I tell all the “soon to be” hams to give it a try even though it isn’t a requirement.

I haven’t had a single one tell me they regret the experience.


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