Antenna modeling with 4NEC2 (and it’s free!)

Filed Under (Antennas, Homebrew, Software, YouTube Antenna Goodness, YouTube Software Demo Goodness!) by Jonathan on 19-10-2009

Antenna modeling is something I try to use as much as possible when I work on building a new antenna.  What better way is there to get a visual on how an antenna is going to work.  There are many pay programs on the market, also the ARRL has an entire course (that uses the pay program) online.

As many have noticed, I watch a LOT of ham radio videos on Youtube.  This is a program I found through a Youtube video.

The program, 4NEC2, is a free program that can be found at:

There are plenty of screen shots and a forum to help you as you move along using this program.  There is even a model of a “ship” made in the program, really, a ship!  I also like the good size antenna library included with the program.  It really helps you navigate your way around the program.

Now, for the Youtube link….

I hope this gets you started on antenna modeling (if you’re haven’t done so already).  There are other programs (some free) that I plan on posting about in the future.  As always, if you have some good, relevant information on topic, please post below.


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