Cheap boom for a mic with this Ikea hack

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I’ve modded a lot of Ikea stuff in the past (I mean really, if you receive something and decide not to use it, do you think you’ll actually get that thing back in the packaging????). Here is a rather simple, inexpensive mod you can do to create a rather decent boom for your mic.  I did something similar with a drafting lamp years ago and it really does work well.

Grab yourself a Tertial desk lamp.  Last I knew, it was around ten bucks at my local Ikea.  All you really need to do is lop off the lamp and cord.  Grab the hardware for your mic (you may need a few pieces of assorted hardware or epoxy, but it really isn’t difficult).

I have a few pages with links to help you out if you get stuck.

The following link:

has a decent write up.  However, I really have NO clue as to what that mic is in this tutorial.  The process is similar for any of our XLR or similar type mics and cages.

I think this is a little more for what we are looking at with this project.

I hope this works out for you and if you know of any similar boom hacks, let me know.  We can save a ton of money on buying something similar specific for our mics.

And if you find any neat Ikea ham radio hacks, let me know and I’ll make a post.  I like these rather inexpensive hacks!

Lollipop Love – The Astatic D-104

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OK, either you love ’em or hate ’em.  The Astatic D-104 has acheived legendary status either way.

Some hate them as a throwback to many a hams CB beginnings, others like the sleek style.

I picked one up last year that needs a heavy restoration and found many of these links.  Thanx to the many QRZ’ers that posted many links as well.

I’m including several D-104 links as well as a page of general mic pinout diagrams (not D-104 specific).  I’ll probably link to these in the future, as they have some really neat featuures. has a lot of schematics at:

Add the Astatic D-104 Microphone to the Icom IC-706MKII By W8CWE:

WA2MZF has some interesting info on wiring, mods and circuits:

N4JK has some information on adapting the D-104 to modern radios (W8CWE’s information above also applies):

Using an Old Style Astatic D-104 “Lollypop” Microphones with Modern Low-Z Mic Rigs
Fred M. Spinner, W0FMS, April 2001:

Spec sheet for a UG8 or UG8-D10:

Some earl Astatic history:

Heil Sound has a kit to retrofit the D-104 with their element:

For ARRL members (Members only downloads):

There are three Astatic PDFs towards the bottom of this page (some info similar to above, but it exists there, so I figured I’d post it here!)

G4PW Microphone Connections page.  Not D-104 specific, but has a lot of information on various radio pinouts and such.  I’m sure I’ll use this link in future posts as well.

Of course, if you have some great links, let me know or post the information here.


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