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Simple QSL card sticker I use for short runs, Avery formated (though I forgot which one!)

OK, In my head I sounded a bit like Jack from the TV Show “Will and Grace”.

I’ve been asked by many hams to post some of the forms I had posted on my old “pre blog” site, so here goes.

Use ’em as you wish.

I publish most all of my work under a creative commons license, so if you modify it, please share it!

All of these forms have been optimized to be 3-hole punched and put in a binder.  They are also all in Microsoft Word format.  Here is a link to the MS Word Viewer, if you don’t have MS office.  It’s free and you can view and print Word docs with this program:

MS Word Viewer

Amateur Radio Logbook

Simple log, I noticed I always needed a space for notes, so I put one in at the bottom of each page.


Amateur Radio Channel Guide

Logsheet for keeping track of how you programmed that mobile radio or HT.  This definitely comes in handy for me when I program a new radio.


NTS Radiogram– two to a page, binder friendly

I type faster than I write, and it’s MUCH NEATER!!!!  Ask anyone that’s ever tried to read my handwriting!  There is also enough space to put a ruler between the two radiograms and “tear” off a message to hand off to someone, if you need.


Net Control Worksheet

I’m always looking for ways to improve my duties as net control for an informal net.  This helps keep me a bit organized.  If you know of a good net control worksheet, comment below on where I can find it, I’m always looking for ideas to steal…. err…. liberate!


SWL Logbook

Some hams might find this useful, others that visit here that are Shortwave fans might like this one.  I did this for a friend I got hooked on shortwave radio.  Helps him when he sends out reception confirmation reports.


QSL Card Sticker

I forgot which Avery format this is, but it is meant to be used on those “10 to a page” shipping labels.  Of course, this can be modified for many shipping label formats.  I often do short IOTA activiations or portable events where I don’t need a special card, so I make one on my computer, print them cheaply at one of the megastores as a photograph and pop this puppy on the back.  Handy!


If I do more, I’ll add them to this site.  I’m going to add a category called “blank forms” to make finding them easy.


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