DX Videos – a few neat discoveries.

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First off, sorry for the delay.  I actually had a bit of an accident and broke my left foot, plenty of ligament damage – so I haven’t done much on the computer lately.

I was thinking of what more I can add to the site regarding new categories.  The neat thing about our hobby is there is so much to do, I can’t quite figure out how some people say they “get bored”.  While looking at a few videos by someone I follow on Youtube (WG0AT), I figured I’d add the DXPeditions category and corresponding Youtube goodness category.

Let’s start off with WG0AT (formerly N0TU), he has a neat set of videos he added to his channel recently.  From his description:

Guy/N7UN and Steve/NØTU on day one of our backpack QRP expedition in Utah’s Canyonlands. This first day we hike to Devil’s Pocket and set up camp and ham radio station with K1 and inverted vee antenna.

FYI, if he seems familiar to some of you, he is rather famous for hiking with his goats and playing radio on various summit events in the CO area.

3 part series below:

It’s neat to see someone else use the same minimalist rig as I do in a different environment.

Next is a snippet from probably the most noted DXpeditioning personality, Bob Allphin, K4UEE.

If you check his site, you can also purchase the DVD (I think I purchased my copy from the ARRL) – which is great!  I brought it to a club meeting and many fellow hams were in awe!

Here is the 1997 “scaffold reef” BS7H video. I can’t believe a rock is a DXCC entity, but……


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