About KIX

Hello all,

I’ve been licensed since September 2003 and currently hold a general class license.

I’m a former ARES leadership member.- I was the District Emergency Coordinator for Region 3 ARES in the Connecticut Section.

I usually operate VHF/UHF locally and SSB on HF.  I am, however, getting the bug to do a lot more digital modes and get back to some CW.  There are a lot of homebrew rigs I’ve made that are in the CW realm…. but there are a TON of great SSB rigs I’ll be working on in the near future.

I love to homebrew and have been spending a lot of time on the bench building things.  QRP has been a huge influence on my radio activities.

I also teach radio classes about 3 times a year.

Non radio:

I’m a proud parent of an 11 year old son, active in his scouts and we are active outdoorsmen.  Camping, hiking and now he asked the big question:  Dad, can you teach me to fish!.

Thanx for stopping by, I’ll try and add content to this site at least on a regular basis.


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