BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus:

Ecommerce Platform Comparison for UK Businesses Looking to Go Big

UK businesses and brands looking to evolve and grow will enjoy BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus comparison where we guide you to the best possible enterprise ecommerce platform to maximize sales & revenues!

Enterprise ecommerce platforms have taken the UK by storm. Shopify and BigCommerce are two of the most popular ecommerce solutions and go-to platforms for a number of successful UK businesses and brands.

In this article, we will compare BigCommerce vs Enterprise, discuss their features, and help you decide the best possible platform for you and your business’ needs.

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Comparison

We will compare these two platforms based on ease of use, support, the ability to count on a professional web expert, and apps offered to the UK businesses.

#1. Ease of Use:

Adding products, two or more categories, and creating shipping options is vital for any online business. Ecommerce solution Shopify offers “add a product” option and for each product, you can add detailed data including title, product description, barcode, SKUs, photos, inventory policy application. In other words, Shopify offers everything you need for you to list a product with every detail presented. BigCommerce is a drag-and-drop platform and while navigating the platform isn’t challenging, the features are limited. For example, you can add prices, sizes, colors, however, it is not as clearly presented as it is in the Shopify platform.

#2. Support:

Technical and customer support are important for moving your business forward. Any UK business or brand needs support and in competitive times like this, you need the best ecommerce support you can get. With 24/7 phone support, email support, and live chat, there is no better platform than Shopify to helping customers in times of need. Ecommerce solution Shopify is here to answer your questions. There is a local London phone number to call and ask for assistance. But the most important thing about this platform is that no matter where you are, the assistance support is just as efficient in the UK as it is in Australia, which shows that its coverage is worldwide and of good quality. To take a closer look at this advantages, go to https://shopify.com.au/plus/compare/bigcommerce 

BigCommerce claims that all of their issues are solved immediately, on the first call. This apparently works with UK business hours, as well as, localized help.

#3. The Ability to Count on a Web Expert:

At some point of you running a business online in the UK, you will need a web expert. Having someone that is familiar with the ecommerce platform you are using, can save you significant time. Shopify can provide you with a list of approved platform experts, located in London, Birmingham, Bristol, and other cities across the country. BigCommerce Enterprise has partners, as well, however, if you visit their partners’ list and type “London” there is only 1 result and a small number of reviews. Shopify is the ultimate winner, for the number of web experts available, transparency, and making it too easy and quick to find them.

#4. Apps & Plugins:

Ecommerce apps cover features and functionality in Sales, marketing, Customer Service, Social Media, Tools, Reporting, and more. Since 2016, Shopify offers over 5000 apps (you can find the apps in the App Store). There are new apps being published every day. BigCommerce App Store isn’t as extensive as Shopify’s App Store, however, there is a broad selection of both free and paid apps.

The Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform for UK Businesses and Brands

Both platforms can suit your enterprise business needs – it is about considering your demands and looking at where your visitors and potential customers come from. As your business develops and grows, you can upgrade the ecommerce plan and take advantage of even more features.


Shopify Plus is one of the top-notch ecommerce solutions for enterprises and large businesses and can definitely suit your British business & brand!

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