The Battle of Enterprise platforms: Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

bigcommerce vs shopify 2019

Sooner or later your Ecommerce store will stop being a small business and turn into an enterprise. At least this is what your aim should be. Well, when such a transition occurs, not every platform remains suitable for you. Instead, you must look for the top enterprise Ecommerce platforms to find a solution that is best aligned with your organizational need.

The chances are your search is bound to filter down to two choices. This includes Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. Clearly, you can’t build your store on two platforms. Therefore, you will need to conduct an Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison to make the final decision. Here some of the factors that can be compared when deciding between Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus.

Big Commerce vs. Shopify: Ease of Use

An enterprise Ecommerce software must be easy to use. After all, as your business increases in size, there are a lot of things you need to monitor. At such a time, a complex platform would be a burden. In this regards, Shopify Plus is better than Big Commerce. The built-in features of Big Commerce make is quite hard to operate. On the other hand, the onboarding and store setting process of Shopify Plus is a piece of cake.

Big commerce vs. Shopify: Sales features

This is an enterprise Ecommerce comparison factor that leads to a draw. This is because both the platforms are equipped with value adding and beneficial sales features. Both offer essential features like an SSL certificate, multichannel selling, cart recovery, and inventory management. While Shopify has a better portfolio of customizable features on its vast app store, Big Commerce makes up for its fewer add-ons by having excellent built-in features.

Shopify plus vs. big commerce enterprise: Themes

Both offer free as well as paid themes and templates for users to choose from. However, in terms of delivering all-round designs and customization within the templates, Shopify wins the battle. Big Commerce surely is more flexible and industry-specific with its themes. But, Shopify’s better portfolio outstrips its collection.


Shopify Plus is considered to be a better Enterprise solution. However, whether it is the better one for you will vary according to how you prioritize the different features offered by the two platforms. Conduct your platform comparison to reach a decision.