The Ultimate Enterprise Platform Showdown: Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

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It is not easy to find the perfect Enterprise Ecommerce software among the various top enterprise Ecommerce platforms. After all, on the surface all of them will look ideal to you. However, you must dig deep and conduct a thorough Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison before deciding on a platform.

There is a high chance that after your research, you will ultimately get confused between two platforms. This includes Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. This is why we have carried out an Enterprise Ecommerce comparison between Big commerce vs. Shopify.


There can be no winner in Shopify plus vs. big commerce enterprise comparison of price. If the price is an important factor for you, know that both platforms are satisfactory in this regard. Also, pricing tends to vary from user to user depending on your store and its traffic and requirements. To find the exact price, contact the two companies and reiterate your needs. See which of the two offers you a better price.


When it comes to offering a better feature, Big Commerce Enterprise wins the battle. Both the platforms will deliver unlimited bandwidth, uptime, and scalability. This makes them both ideal for high traffic and high-volume businesses. But, Big Commerce comes out on top due to its built-in features. It allows for greater customer conversion since it is easier to find products on the platform. Moreover, it can also automatically generate quotes for shipping. This is ensured by its partnership with Shipper HQ.

Customer Service

Regardless of what service you are opting for, customer support is important. In the case of Ecommerce platforms, they become a necessity. Think about it. What will you do if your site suddenly crashes and you can’t contact the platform representative?

Shopify Plus outstrips all other platforms as far as customer support is concerned. They are known to be quick when it comes to resolving queries. the 24/7 live support system ensures that your problem is always heard and catered to. Also, Shopify Plus assigns a merchant manager to each of its clients. This manager helps in guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly.

Big Commerce does have a customer support system on board but is just not as fast as Shopify Plus. While it also offers its clients the chance to team up with a strategic account manager, this comes at a cost, unlike Shopify Plus.


Decide which factor is important to you. See which platform is better at delivering the said feature. Pick according to your needs.